Congrats Nurse Mallory!!!

12 May

After 5 long years my little sister finally graduated from Kent State with her BSN!!!  While home for her graduation I got to decorate her cake…I just say decorate, because everything was to hectic and my mom thought it would be easier to just get the cake made.  One of her clients made and iced the cake and left it blank for me to decorate.  I really wanted to play with fondant more than anything. My plan was to make the colors of the decor red because that is the color I associate with nursing, but my mom bought Luau decor for the party. So I decided on bright green and pink for the accent colors.

The cake turned out great! The writing with icing, I still need to work on, but other than that I was very happy with it. 🙂

Yes…in case you are wondering…those are real band-aids on the cake. I didn’t have the right color to dye the fondant to look like a band-aid so that was my last resort.  So you know… I kept the paper backing on them before putting them on the cake. 😎


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