Chocolate Cake with Whipped Strawberry Filling!

9 Feb

This week during the Wilton Cake decorating class, we learned how to make Butter-cream roses.  Since its close to Valentines Day I thought a chocolate cake with a whipped strawberry filling would be appropriate. =) Plus I love Chocolate!

1. I started off with two boxes (I wanted a tall cake…..if your pans are more shallow one box will be fine) of Pilsbury Dark Chocolate  Cake mix…just follow the directions on the box…let cool completely.

2.For the filling I just mixed together one container of Cool-Whip (thawed slightly) and frozen strawberries in glaze (thawed slightly).  Make sure the whipped cream mixture is chilled before you put it on the cake so that the top layer will be stable while icing the rest of the cake.

3. The icing is a Chocolate Buttercream recipe that I got right of the the Wilton website.

Pipe a wall of icing on the first layer to keep the whipped mixture in place and from coming out the sides.

Ice until smooth.

Add borders......

and flowers!






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